HTML5 Programming Company

We are a web development company, specializing in HTML5 application programming. Our developers put HTML5 into practice to create multifunctional apps for the World Web Wide and various mobile platforms using such popular web standards as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The company has successfully carried out a number of web projects and put our customers' ideas into best and quality solutions.

About HTML5

HTML5 is the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language for presenting content for the World Web Wide. It was developed to provide an exhaustive application development platform that excludes the necessity to install third-party browser plug-ins such as Java and Flash. HTML5 supports 2D graphics, document editing, local file storage, audio and video playback and others. HTML5 technology can be successfully applied in the corporate web portals development. Today HTML5 is widely-spread and supported by all major browsers and mobile apps.

Why HTML5?

  • Drawing, Video and Sound. The new canvas element provides a simple way to draw diagrams, graphics and animations on a web page using JavaScript. By the way, it may be interesting to read some useful information about UI/UX creative services. The new HML5 video and audio elements make it easy to embed video and audio on a web page without plugins or 3rd party programs required.
  • Geolocation. The new HTML5 geolocation APIs make location available to any HTML5-compatible browser-based app by means of GPS generation or other ways.
  • Offline Application Cache. HTML 5 enables developers to specify the files that the browser should cache while online. Hence, even if the user is disconnected while reloading a page, the complete page will still load properly.
  • Client-side Database. HTML 5 provides a new fully defined and structured database storage.
  • Improved Code. HTML5 allows you to write simple and easy to read code without using most div tags by means of replacing them with new semantic HTML5 elements.